Innovative NB-IoT Tracker from Q-loud for smart position and status monitoring in logistics and industry

  • Monitors appliances and machines permanently for up to five years
  • Low energy consumption due to narrowband (NB) wireless standard
  • Substantial cost savings compared with traditional trackers

Cologne, 13 December 2018 – Q-loud has presented its “NB-IoT Asset Tracker”, a novel device that enables companies to permanently monitor the status and position of all kinds of appliances and machines. The cigarette packet-sized device contains all necessary wireless modules and a long-life battery and is also weatherproof and shock-resistant. The Trackers are manufactured and provided by Q-loud, the IoT subsidiary of QSC AG, which also offers all-round services for the devices by integrating them into existing application landscapes at companies.

“Machines, such as those in use for years now in logistics, agricultural technology, construction and industry, can be made smart with our NB-IoT Trackers”, comments Dr. Myriam Jahn, CEO of Q-loud. As well as positioning functionality, the integrated sensors also enable end-to-end status checks to be performed on transported goods, such as consistently monitoring refrigeration chains or detecting damage caused by falls using the integrated accelerometer. “This way, companies can enhance capacity utilisation for their mobile capital goods and tighten up their supply chains,” he adds.

Accessible everywhere with NB-IoT

Thanks to its integrated narrowband wireless module, the Tracker has a longer battery lifetime than conventional models communicating via GSM or LTE. Not only that, given special NB-IoT data tariffs, the Tracker can be operated far more inexpensively and is also permanently available in less accessible locations, such as enclosed buildings. Narrowband IoT is a global standard for data transmission in low-frequency ranges. The technology is based on existing transmission standards such as LTE and will be a component of future 5G networks. Positioning is performed by the integrated GPS module.

Q-loud’s NB-IoT Tracker transmits the location and sensor data to the company’s tracking platform at fixed intervals of between one minute and 24 hours. This platform processes the data and visualises it for both mobile and desktop viewing. If need be, the information can also be forwarded to corporate applications, such as ERP and logistics systems. The Tracker has various mounting options and can therefore be easily self-installed. The device is specifically suited to outdoor use and can therefore also be mounted on industrial machines, containers and agricultural vehicles.

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