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Our focused business model combines consulting, development and operations. This enables us to significantly grow our revenues, earnings and free cash flow.

An investment in q.beyond is an investment in one of Germany’s leading IT service providers. With our IT services+, we support SMEs in select sectors in digitalising their businesses. We work together with them to optimise their business models with the assistance of applications.

We have set clear priorities in our Strategy 2025: We are strengthening our focused business model, making our sales activities more effective and, in our “One q.beyond” project, swiftly integrating the IT specialists taken over in recent years.

This way, we are building a solid foundation to increase our revenues by an average of 7% to 8% a year by 2025 and to achieve an EBITDA margin of 7% to 8% and positive consolidated net income in 2025. We have budgeted positive free cash flow from 2024 already.

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Strategy 2025 strengthens q.beyond's market position

Strategy 2025

Latest developments in our equity story


q.beyond increases revenues by 11% in Q2 2023 and raises free cash flow forecast

Revenues rise to € 46.4 million thanks to growth in Cloud and SAP businesses Numerous advances in implementing “2025 Strategy” Improved free cash flow of up to € -4 million now expected for ...


2023 Lünendonk Study: q.beyond’s portfolio consistent with IT investment focuses at German companies

Companies chiefly investing in seven topics, including cloud transformation, process efficiency and security q.beyond is one of the fastest-growing and leading German IT service ...


Rückschlag für die q.beyond Aktie

Viel Lob für die neue Strategie und dennoch Kursverluste: Im zweiten Quartal 2023 zeigte sich, vor welchen Herausforderungen der neue Vorstand steht. Um das Vertrauen der Anleger zurückzugewinnen, ...

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