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Supervisory Board

The six-member Supervisory Board comprises four shareholder and two employee representatives. At the Annual General Meeting held in Cologne on 24 May 2023, shareholders re-elected their existing representatives. Their terms in office run until the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting for the 2027 financial year. The employees had selected their two representatives in advance of the meeting.

The Supervisory Board of q.beyond AG
Dr. Bernd Schlobohm

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Dr. Schlobohm, who holds a doctorate in engineering, founded q.beyond in 1997, had the company publicly listed in April 2000, and then managed it as CEO until May 2013. Together with q.beyond’s co-founder, Gerd Eickers, he is the largest shareholder. At the end of 2022, these two shareholders held a combined stake of 25% in q.beyond.
Dr. Frank Zurlino
Deputy Chairman

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Dr. Zurlino, holder of a doctorate in business engineering, was elected to the Supervisory Board in May 2013. Formerly head of strategy consulting and development at IBM Deutschland, he is now Managing Partner at the international management consultancy Horn & Company.
Gerd Eickers

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
q.beyond’s second founder, Gerd Eickers, moved to the Supervisory Board in June 2004 after three years on the Management Board. In subsequent years, this graduate in economics played a major role in shaping the political framework for the German technology market, particularly in his capacity as President of the Association of Telecommunications and Value-Added Service Providers (VATM).
Ina Schlie

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
An economics graduate, this longstanding head of the Group Tax Department at SAP has been a member of q.beyond’s Supervisory Board since autumn 2012 and chairs its Audit Committee. The financial expert also sits on other supervisory boards and is a lecturer at LMU Munich.
Matthias Galler

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
In June 2018, q.beyond’s workforce elected the Hamburg-based Works Council Chairman as a new member of the Supervisory Board. The IT specialist has worked at our company as a senior IT consultant since 2002 already.
Martina Altheim

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
At the time Head of Central Process and Quality Management, joined the Supervisory Board as second employee representative in July 2019. Since January 2020, the qualified biologist has been responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility at QSC and is based at its Cologne location.

Rules of Procedure, remuneration and further positions held by members of the Supervisory Board

Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure for the Supervisory Board of QSC AG in the version dated 20 August 2020

Supervisory Board compensation

Remuneration Report

Mandates of the Supervisory Board

The members of the Supervisory Board represent functions in the following companies:

Mandates of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Frank Zurlino Member of the Advisory Board* M2Beauté Cosmetics GmbH, Cologne, Germany
Member of the Advisory Board* hasenkamp Holding GmbH, Frechen, Germany
Member of the Advisory Board* Heinrich Gräper Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Bösel, Germany
Gerd Eickers Chairman of the Supervisory Board Contentteam AG, Cologne, Germany
Ina Schlie Member of the Supervisory Board Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Heidelberg, Germany
Member of the Supervisory Board Deutschland - Land der Ideen e. V., Berlin, Germany
Member of the Supervisory Board CMBlu Energy AG, Alzenau, Germany