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Investor Relations

Directors’ Dealings

Notification about Directors' Dealings under Article 19 EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)

According to Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Market Abuse Regulation), the members of the executive board and supervisory board as well as all other persons discharging managerial responsibilities (senior executives) in companies that issue securities have to notify both the company and the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) if they acquire or dispose of shares in the company, debt instruments of the company or derivatives and other financial instruments linked to the shares or debt instruments of the company. Certain natural persons who are closely related to board members or senior executives, such as spouses and dependent children, are under the same obligation. Furthermore, legal persons, such as companies and organizations acting in a fiduciary capacity for which board members, senior executives, or persons closely related to them discharge managerial responsibilities, that are directly or indirectly controlled by such persons or the economic interest of which are substantially equivalent to those of such a person are also obliged to give notification.

03/31/2020 Ina Schlie (Supervisory Board) Tradegate
03/12/2020 Jürgen Hermann (Management Board) Outside a trading venue – discretionary order
06/19/2019 Jürgen Hermann (Management Board) Quotrix
06/18/2019 Jürgen Hermann (Management Board) Quotrix
06/17/2019 Jürgen Hermann (Management Board) Quotrix
06/14/2019 Dr. Bernd Schlobohm (Supervisory Board) over the counter
06/14/2019 Gerd Eickers (Supervisory Board) over the counter
09/24/2018 Jürgen Hermann (Management Board) Xetra
09/21/2018 Jürgen Hermann (Management Board) Xetra
09/21/2018 Jürgen Hermann (Management Board) Quotrix
02/02/2018 Jürgen Hermann (Management Board) Xetra
11/15/2017 Udo Faulhaber (Management Board) Xetra
11/15/2017 Felix Höger (Management Board) Tradegate
11/15/2017 Felix Höger (Management Board) Xetra
03/10/2017 Udo Faulhaber (Management Board) Xetra
03/10/2017 Udo Faulhaber (Management Board) Outside a trading venue
03/10/2017 Felix Höger (Management Board) Tradegate
03/10/2017 Felix Höger (Management Board) Xetra
03/09/2017 Udo Faulhaber (Management Board) Xetra
03/09/2017 Felix Höger (Management Board) Xetra
07/06/2016 Jürgen Hermann (Management Board) Xetra