PAC: SAP services at q.beyond are “Best in Class”

  • Market researchers award top score to q.beyond’s SAP services for SMBs
  • Researchers convinced by q.beyond’s comprehensive scope of services and customer assessments
  • Top assessments in all categories of PAC RADAR for SAP services

Cologne, 21 February 2022 – Market researchers at PAC have awarded the highest possible assessment, namely “Best in Class”, to q.beyond’s SAP services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The evaluation was based on the findings of a comprehensive study performed by PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants) which assessed the whole of Germany’s SAP provider market. As well as conducting a detailed survey of providers, the evaluation built in particular on customer assessments provided by q.beyond customers who have drawn on SAP services offered by the IT service provider.

“What particularly convinced us with q.beyond was the scope of SAP services on offer and the above-average assessments received from its customers”, comments Joachim Hackmann, Vice President Business Applications at PAC, when summarising the reasons for the classification. “At q.beyond, small and medium-sized businesses obtain the whole SAP spectrum, from consulting and transition to ongoing operations through to application management and licence management solutions. Combined with the other IT services offered by q.beyond, such as the digital workplace, proprietary data centres and public cloud services, this constitutes a comprehensive portfolio from the customer’s perspective.”

Outstanding assessments in all categories

As well as the “Best in Class” assessment in the “SAP Services for SMBs in Germany 2022” category, q.beyond also received “excellent” assessments in the following segments: “SAP Consulting & Systems Integration”, “Legacy & Private Cloud-based SAP Hosting”, “Public Cloud-based SAP Hosting”, “SAP Hosting”, “SAP Application Management” and “SAP S/4HANA-related Services”.

All-round IT service approach for SME sector

“These outstanding assessments by PAC’s market watchers offer further impressive proof that our SAP services are exactly right for the market and that our comprehensive range of solutions and services is just what customers require. SMEs need a partner with which they can work on an equal footing to pragmatically tackle all aspects of IT transformation”, comments Thorsten Raquet, a member of q.beyond’s management.

In recent months, q.beyond has successfully completed various SAP projects at its customers, including introducing SAP S/4HANA at Tchibo, which counts as one of the largest launches of the latest SAP suite in the European retail sector. This was factored into PAC’s evaluation, as were other pleasing customer assessments.

Objective findings based on customer surveys

PAC RADAR is a tool offered by the market research company to evaluate and position leading IT service providers in various markets. The evaluation is based on predefined criteria that can be attributed to the main clusters of “market strength” and “competence”. Moreover, reference is also made to category-specific criteria and customer assessments.

Those interested can find out more at PAC’s microsite. An up-to-date set of guidelines with the title “Masterplan Process Digitalisation - Fit for Your SAP S/4HANA Migration” is available here.

PAC RADAR: SAP-related Services for SMBs in Germany 2022

PAC RADAR: SAP-related Services for SMBs in Germany 2022 – © PAC

SAP-related Services for SMBs in Germany 2022 - Best in class

About q.beyond AG

q.beyond AG is the key to successful digitalisation. We help our customers find the best digital solutions for their business and then put them into practice. Our strong team of 1,100 people accompanies SME customers securely and reliably throughout their digital journey. We are experts in Cloud, SAP and IoT.

q.beyond AG resulted from the rebranding of QSC AG in September 2020. With nationwide locations and its own certified data centres, it is one of Germany’s leading IT service providers.

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