“QSC-Energy Management Cockpit” is Germany’s first SAP Leonardo qualified solution

  • Energy monitoring by intelligently linking IoT and SAP
  • Tool facilitates compliance with DIN ISO 50001 energy efficiency norm

Cologne, 6 September 2018 – QSC AG has developed a new energy monitoring solution together with its IoT subsidiary Q-loud: The QSC-Energy Management Cockpit offers companies visibility about their energy consumption, and that across several locations and in real time. To this end, Q-loud equips conventional electricity and gas meters with its energy cameras. These scan the meter readings, digitise them and transmit the data via an IoT module to a cloud platform. QSC’s SAP-based Energy Management Cockpit tool processes the data and presents it in easily comprehensible form.

“With its Energy Management Cockpit, QSC AG has successfully used our SAP Leonardo environment to qualify an end-to-end IoT solution, and that within the shortest of timeframes and for the first time in Germany. The tool can also be rapidly implemented and is intuitive to use”, comments SAP Partner Manager Stefan Zengl.

Database suitable for establishing an energy management system

Energy-intensive companies in particular currently face the challenge of recording their energy consumption data and thus meeting the requirements of ISO 50001. This energy efficiency norm sets out guidelines for establishing an energy management system. At manufacturers, for example, a system of this kind is a prerequisite for potential energy tax relief.

According to Thorsten Raquet, Managing Director of Q-loud and Head of QSC’s SAP Retail & Innovation department, most companies still only record their consumption at extended intervals and do not have solutions in place enabling them to compare data across locations and over time. “Companies now stand to benefit from reliable data from our energy cameras and QSC’s Energy Management Cockpit. This way, they can detect any energy wastage and cut their energy costs”, he added.

Rapid launch and SAP Leonardo-qualified

Depending on the size of the company involved, QSC’s Energy Management Cockpit can be deployed within two to four weeks. The energy consumption data is put into graphs and can be displayed in browsers or on mobile terminals. Users can configure various viewing options and thus compile comparisons between different locations or over time. The data is processed in the SAP HANA in-memory database in its cloud or on-premise versions. There is also the option of processing the data in other cloud environments.

QSC developed its Energy Management Cockpit based on the open innovation process and already accounted for customers’ wishes during the design phase and in the development process. The solution is the first innovation on the German market to be qualified for SAP Leonardo. SAP Leonardo is a cloud and development environment which enables providers to offer innovations relating to the Internet of Things, machine learning, analytics, blockchain, big data, data intelligence and artificial intelligence and renders the solutions easily consumable for users.

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